Florence Golf Links Selected To Host PNGA 55th Senior Men’s Amateur Championship

We have some exciting news to share. Florence Golf Links has been selected to host the PNGA 55th Senior Men’s Amateur Championship and 10th Super Senior Men’s Amateur Championship in June of 2019! We will be hosting the top senior amateurs over a three day tournament from all over the Northwest including: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia, Canada.

This prestigious event is held at some of the finest facilities in the Northwest. Check out the PNGA website for more tournament information by clicking HERE.

This event will be our third PNGA Championship we have hosted over the last three years. Previously, Florence Golf Links, has welcomed the PNGA Men’s Mid-Amateur, and Boy’s and Girl’s Junior Championships. “We look forward to another great Championship”, say’s Kevin White, Head Golf Professional.

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Winter Conditions Impacting Your Golf Game

Freezing Cold Golf Ball

It’s that time of year when the temperature drops and you can feel the chill in the air. An object as hard and seemingly unyielding as a golf ball feels the chill.  Cold weather affects golf balls due to the coefficient of thermal expansion. A quick explanation of this process is when materials expand or contract depending on the temperature, affecting their properties. A chill in the air also affects the ball after it is struck.  Cold air is denser than warm air and creates additional drag on the ball. Studies by the United States Golf Association have concluded that for every drop in ten degrees, a golf ball ball loses about two yards of carry at average (90 miles per hour) swing speeds.

Best Golf Balls For Cold Weather

Low compression golf balls perform better in cold weather since they compress fractionally more and thus travel further.  Traditionally, cold weather golfers will play with women’s golf balls in the cold months. Women’s golf balls are manufactured with lower compressions to complement a women’s slower swing speed.  The golf balls appear to be identical to one another in every meaningful way. They are the same size and the features of a dimple pattern around the entire covering are the same.

Fight Back Against Cold Weather

Help keep that extra bit of warmth in your golf balls by keeping them inside your car and not in the trunk. You can even heat your golf balls with a hot towel before you play.  Change your golf balls every couple of holes before they have a chance to get cold. Remember to club up in the cold. Your muscles are going to be tight. You are certainly not as loose as you are in warmer conditions.  

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Holiday Weight Gain Is Real

Play Golf This Holiday Season To Burn The Extra Calories

Holiday weight gain is a real thing. The extra pounds you put on between Halloween and Christmas can take more than five months to lose.  Weight gain begins to rise throughout October and November and peaks 10 days after Christmas. All the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving leftovers and Christmas cookies seem impossible to pass up. Don’t worry there are ways to burn off these extra calories.

Instead of a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, have a resolution not to gain too much weight in the first place.  Then you won’t have to worry about the five months of struggling. That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate special occasions or indulge in your favorite treats.  Just find fun ways to burn the extra calories you are consuming.

Playing A Round Of Golf

Golf is both an enjoyable game, and a way to get in some healthy exercise. While golf may not be the most strenuous sport, like all activities, it does burn calories. Of course, the number of calories burned while playing will depend on whether a player is walking or riding a cart during the round.  A round of golf is equal to an average 30-minute gym session. An 18-hole round over a full length golf course will involve roughly a five-mile walk with quite a bit of arm exercises along the way.

If you walk the course, rather than ride in a golf car, a round of golf will burn probably somewhere around 1,500 calories.  This number can vary slightly depending on the course you play. Some Courses are hillier and you will burn more calories than compact flatter ones. Whether you chose to carry your clubs while others will pull them on a cart, this does not make much of a difference to the golf calorie count. Carrying your bags burns a few more calories but it is literally only a few.

Riding the Golf Car Instead

Sometimes it may be difficult, if not impossible to walk a golf course. Sometimes you are encouraged to use the golf car to shorten the amount of time it takes to complete the round. Surprisingly, there is evidence that a significant number of calories may still be used up, even when using a cart. An estimated 460 calories burned when playing only nine holes while riding a golf car.

Don’t Be Afraid To Indulge This Holiday Season

Whether it’s played by walking the course, taking the golf car or practicing at the range, golf is a relaxing way to burn off extra calories you may consume this holiday season. Even if it’s just a nine-hole outing. Thankfully, golf is a very high-calorie burning exercise. Don’t be afraid to indulge this holiday season but remember to book that tee time.  

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Holiday Dieting

The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone

We are offering our annual Thanksgiving Day meal once again and looking forward to sharing a wonderful day with all of you! This year’s tasty menu includes: Roasted Turkey Breast with mashed Potatoes and Gravy-Yams-Sausage and Sage Stuffing- Green Bean Casserole- Dinner Roll- and Apple Pie Bars. All this for only $22 per person plus gratuity. Reservations accepted from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm by calling the Lounge at 541-997-1940 Ext. 5 For those of you that cannot join us, our popular “Take Home” is available again. Reserve you meal(s) by Monday 11/20/18 and we will have available on Wednesday from 2-5 pm or Thursday before 2 pm.

Fall Golf Specials

With fall in the air we are offering a great ”4 rounds for the price of 3” golf special! Check our online special out for ONLY $165 including cart. Offer expires 12-31-18

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Florence Pic only.jpg

Exciting Changes At Florence Golf Links

Since this is our first blog there are many exciting changes I would like to update you with at Florence Golf Links. To begin, yes we have a new name! Formally (Sandpines) we are under new ownership and they are doing a tremendous job in elevating our property as well as rebranding the facility!  New logo, gorgeous men’s and ladies apparel arriving monthly, great year round playing conditions, excellent guest service, and tasty food and beverage options in the Grill and Lounge!

Now for some real exciting news:  After 25 years of battling Mother Nature the decision was made to relocate the green on hole number seven. The sand dune encroaching the hole finally won the battle! The new green complex is west of the previous position.  With the support of our new owners the new green will open for play in the spring of 2019. Will you be the first to birdie or maybe even eagle the new hole!?   Check out our Facebook page or Instagram for daily project updates!

As we head into the fall and winter months don’t forget to plan your next golf trip around Florence Golf Links.  One of the top courses to play in Oregon during the winter with our sand base golf course.

Come and experience for yourself what everyone is raving about! To book a tee time click HERE.