Winter Conditions Impacting Your Golf Game

Freezing Cold Golf Ball

It’s that time of year when the temperature drops and you can feel the chill in the air. An object as hard and seemingly unyielding as a golf ball feels the chill.  Cold weather affects golf balls due to the coefficient of thermal expansion. A quick explanation of this process is when materials expand or contract depending on the temperature, affecting their properties. A chill in the air also affects the ball after it is struck.  Cold air is denser than warm air and creates additional drag on the ball. Studies by the United States Golf Association have concluded that for every drop in ten degrees, a golf ball ball loses about two yards of carry at average (90 miles per hour) swing speeds.

Best Golf Balls For Cold Weather

Low compression golf balls perform better in cold weather since they compress fractionally more and thus travel further.  Traditionally, cold weather golfers will play with women’s golf balls in the cold months. Women’s golf balls are manufactured with lower compressions to complement a women’s slower swing speed.  The golf balls appear to be identical to one another in every meaningful way. They are the same size and the features of a dimple pattern around the entire covering are the same.

Fight Back Against Cold Weather

Help keep that extra bit of warmth in your golf balls by keeping them inside your car and not in the trunk. You can even heat your golf balls with a hot towel before you play.  Change your golf balls every couple of holes before they have a chance to get cold. Remember to club up in the cold. Your muscles are going to be tight. You are certainly not as loose as you are in warmer conditions.  

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